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    Styles for Summer 2020 in which you'll feel like a woman!

    Styles for Summer 2020 in which you'll feel like a woman!

    Summer is a special time of year, a time for renewing your wardrobe and seeking out clothing inspired by the newest trends. In the 2020 season, ultrafeminine outfits appropriate for daily wear, socializing and partying are all the rage. It's certainly worthwhile to look to colors and decorations that will boldly show off your femininity. Read on to see how to do it.

    Stylizing for Summer 2020

    Summer 2020 is a time for bold expression! But alongside our expressive new neon colours, there is also no lack of classic and timeless trends for work and other formal occasions. You can use our guidelines to create your own style with Fiore stockings and pantyhose.

    If we're talking about color, Summer 2020 is decidedly dominated by exciting neons. It's hard to say that neons have replaced our timeless pastels and the ever-appropriate black, but accents in expressive, reflective colours can't be ignored this season. It's well worth including neon accents in your wardrobe as you create your look for the beach or for the office.

    Are orange or bright red from head to toe too much for you? Then forget the total neon look and go for subtle accessories in those shades. One possibility for a Summer 2020 look is pantyhose with a polka dot pattern, large or small. In Fiore's collection, we have a number of such options – e.g. Neon Sprinkle is like a neon-coloured mist which looks wonderful on your legs. It enlivens an otherwise sober gray or black business outfit, yet it's not overly showy. 

    Along with these intensive colors, retro fashions or accessories are dominating the catwalk. Do you like going back to your roots? Nylon accessories or fabrics spangled with spots can take you on a sentimental journey back to the wild years of the '80s and '90s. Animal prints look great not only on blouses and dresses, but also on pantyhose or stockings.    

    Other vintage looks can be achieved with flower prints, slogans, stripes or stars. Add-ons with such designs can dress up any outfit – they're good for an evening out, but they also look great on casual or formal occasions.

    Summer Style for the Workplace

    Summer wear must be comfortable. Especially if you'll be spending long days in an office in which there is a formal dress code. A dress should be a bit more modest, which means avoiding low necklines and thin straps. The length of a dress must also be appropriate to the surroundings, so that it will not ride up when you sit down and reveal too much.

    Keep in mind one basic rule, i.e. keep your legs covered.  Even on warm days, you should not give up on pantyhose, which, along with your dress, constitute an important element of your outfit. Since office dress is usually in muted colors and in plain forms without much decoration, in choosing your stockings, you can express yourself with a bit of fantasy. The most popular add-on options right now are decorative stripes that run along the leg from the ankle up to the thigh. Not only do they look amazing, but they make your legs look slimmer, giving them ideal proportions.     

    Patterned hose go beautifully with classic chemisiers, i.e. button-down dresses. They can be  in safari style, made from breezy linen and with buttons from top to bottom. Another option is to wear hose with a dress, creating a total look in black or dark gray.   

    Should you decide to replace your dress or skirt with pants, select socks to go with the currently popular 7/8-length pants.  Kneesocks protect your feet from scratches and scrapes and they harmoniously complete your look. Another principle of Summer 2020 fashion is that the colour of your legwear should be close to that of your shoes. The safest combination is a black heel or pump with stockings of similar colour.

    Summer Maternity Fashion

    Pregnancy can be draining in the summer, especially when your belly is already rather large. A future mom should be sure that her clothing is comfortable and that it allows for freedom of movement. You should certainly avoid tight clothing that can irritate your skin. If you choose a dress-and-stockings outfit, make sure that its waist is a bit wider and contains your entire belly (the same goes for pants).

    Summer 2020 maternity fashion is similar to that of recent seasons. It consists of tailored tunics or skirts or – conversely – looser blouses or dresses. It is important that they be made of natural fibers with a blend of linen or cotton.

    Women's fashion in 2020 is, above all, a story of comfort and feminine patterns. You can vary them in many ways, creating a total look or opting just for accessories, such as neon pantyhose or stockings in retro style.