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    Dressing for work with the Rendez-Vous collection

    Dressing for work with the Rendez-Vous collection

    Returning to work after a long time working from home demands a return to elegant outfits. How do you create them? Office outfits have to be carefully thought out. As an office worker, you have to bear in mind your firm's dress code and make your outfit compliant with it. Are you looking for a way to make your firm's uniform more interesting? Try some original legwear. Check out our ideas for a smashing look!

    Work wear needn't be boring. Do you want to add something bold to your outfit? Are you  seeking a look that will emphasize your personality and visual attributes, but will also meet the standards of your firm's dress code? Take a look at a few of our suggestions and try them out on yourself.

    Work wear

    Are you wondering how to dress for work? Everything depends on the dress code maintained by your firm.  In most places, the required style is business professional – traditional business dress – or business casual – less formal business attire. In the first case, the rules are fairly stiff, but women can still choose from a fairly wide colour palette for clothing and accessories, with the exception of extremely loud colours. In the case of business casual, there's even greater leeway and freedom to select one's clothing, but a note of elegance must remain in evidence.

    Work attire

    Working from home has accustomed us all to comfortable sweats rather than pencil dresses and to warm socks instead of high heels. But now, with the return to the office, it's time to put those comfy clothes that aren't appropriate for work back up on the shelf.

    To represent your firm in a dignified fashion, consider clothing of wrinkle-free fabrics, such as silk or cotton, or choose models that contain synthetic fibre: polyester resists wrinkling and elastane resists over-stretching.

    Amongst accessories, legwear is important as always. In this case, you can opt for something a little wilder. However, the total look must still be in good taste and appear professional. For this occasion, we've prepared a special collection entitled Rendez-Vous. As always, original designs in good taste define our brand.

    Dressing for work

    Our first idea for work wear is very universal. This proposition is a pencil dress with thick straps in black or dark blue. Add to that a well-cut jacket with large pockets. If you roll up the sleeves, you will lend a lighter touch to your outfit.

    Of course, don't forget about shoes – according to the principles of savoir-vivre, they must cover your heels and toes. Add to them hose with a subtle design or a discrete, but noticeable texture, such as our Gold Rush model in a nude shade with a copper thread running through it. Or perhaps choose the delicate dots of our model Jane – a design that doesn't shout at you, but which gives the whole outfit just a little extra pizazz.

    Dressing for work in the office

    What's the best attire for office work? Well, of course, it has to be comfortable and allow for ease of movement. A woman's suit is certainly fitting – it's classic, elegant and timeless. Select a black suit or go for something bolder – for instance, a suit in lilac, rose or blue. Most appropriate are shoes with a high, narrow heel. You can get creative with your accessories and choose tights with spots or polka dots. You can surely find something interesting to add!

    Work wear for autumn

    With the arrival of autumn and the return to the office after lockdown, chilly mornings have also returned. That's why fall fashions must include a warm, thick cotton dress, a wool overcoat and tights. If you want to stand out on the city streets, choose colourful accessories, such as our Glossy model in blue. With tights like those, the autumn blahs and blues won't come to affect you.

    Elegant attire for the workplace

    Do you work in a job that serves the public? Dress yourself in classic fashion: a pencil dress, smooth blouse and a jacket. But don't forget about pantyhose. To complete such an outfit, the best choice is a smooth, concealing model. But, even in such a situation, you shouldn't wear ordinary pantyhose. Our model Wanda seems very classical at first glance, but along its back it has a short seam which is wonderfully slimming along the calf.

    The end of working from home will mean changes to our wardrobe. Choose some interesting legwear to highlight yours and you'll feel secure and entirely sure of yourself.