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    The Miss Łódź Region Pageant 2020

    The Miss Łódź Region Pageant 2020

    We're talking with Dominika Wójcik, this year's winner of the Miss Łódź Region 2020 crown, and also with Natalia Piguła, the departing Miss of our region. They are not only beautiful – they're also inspiring women! We are rooting for them to realize their fondest plans and dreams.


    - Dominika, congratulations on your newly acquired title of Miss Łódź Region 2020! What prompted you enter the competition? Does taking part in it mean something in and of itself?


    Being in the Miss Łódź Region pageant has been a dream of mine since I was a child. It's been the biggest adventure of my life which has given me the chance to meet new people and to develop new friendships. And above all it has been excellent training for my courage and self-confidence which I used to lack.


    - Weren't you afraid of being typecast?


    Taking part in the pageant, I have to expect various reactions and opinions from my family, friends, acquaintances and even total strangers. But, since the elections, everyone has been rooting for me very much and they're supporting me in the work I have ahead of me in connection with winning the title. Happily, it's turned out that I have some wonderful people around me.


    - How do you plan to use your title of Miss?


    The title of Miss opens many doors and provides many opportunities for growth. One of those is modelling. The competition also means the promotion of the region and of local firms on the countrywide scale. For now, I'm still getting to know all the possibilities, so that I can choose my way forward.


    - One of the sponsors of the pageant was the firm FiORE, which means flower in Italian. If you were a flower, which flower would you be and why?


    One of my favourite colours is white. And my flower would be a rose, so obviously I would be a white rose, which symbolizes joy.


    - And since we're already talking about tights, do you prefer a classic look or the more avant-garde models with various designs and colours? Or are you more on Team Socks?


    I like the classic look and often wear plain tights, but from time to time I add some wilder colours or patterns to my wardrobe. I love pantyhose and stockings, but I'm just as happy to put on fancy socks.


    - In conclusion, tell us the truth: Is your Miss Łódź crown very heavy?


    I have to admit that, until I won the title, I wondered how much the crown weighed, but when Natalia Piguła actually put it on my head, I felt such joy and euphoria that I don't remember how the crown felt at that moment. Generally speaking, the crown weighs as much as it means to us. My crown is pleasantly light to me, because I know that with it I can fly much higher than I ever could without it. It's definitely not a burden for me.


    - Natalia, what are your feelings when you're passing on the crown?


    Passing on the crown involves unparalleled emotions. Standing on stage during the final gala of the 2020 Miss Łódź Region competition, there was no lack of tears of deep emotion. All at once, there came to mind all the most beautiful memories from the day that I took part in the casting, the group stage, through the final and the winning of the Miss Łódź Region title of 2019 and onward to the later stages of the Miss Poland pageant.

    Passing on the crown was a very emotional moment for me, because I knew that I was ending an exceptional period of my life. In my heart, the Miss Łódź Region competition will go on and on.


    - What is comfort to you?


    Comfort is a feeling of freedom and a definition of psychological peace. It has two faces: One affects the mental sphere which is critical for fulfilment, for achieving your goals in your daily life; the other touches on physical comfort. Both are crucial for me, because a feeling of comfort means that I feel happy and more effective on a day-to-day basis.


    - Did your responsibilities as Miss this year take you out of your comfort zone?


    Absolutely yes! Before, I wasn't as active on social media. Thanks to this experience, I broke through several barriers and became more self-confident. All of the obligations that I had the pleasure of carrying out were things that I was doing for the first time and that presented me with a challenge. Leaving your comfort zone is something that goes along with all important events in our lives. Carrying out the duties of Miss helped me develop new contacts and introduced me to many valuable people.


    - Jan Sztaudynger wrote: “She wasn't naked at all – she had on stockings and corals.” What sort of accessories do you prefer to complete your outfits?


    When I dress, I prefer minimalism and comfort. While I walk around daily in Adidas and baggy clothes, like most women I like to dress up sometimes. Accessories are a wonderful complement to your wardrobe. Most often, I wear earrings or glasses. Often they are able to give an outfit an entirely new character. It's just the same with stockings, tights and socks – they can completely alter an outfit and give it a unique character.


    - Do you prefer stockings or socks and why?


    It's really hard to decide and choose between socks and stockings. I try to choose according to the rest of the outfit. On a daily basis, I go for socks, but evening wear demands pantyhose or stockings.


    - You've passed on the crown, but you'll always have the title of Miss. To close, could you please tell us what your plans are for the near future and the coming year?


    The coming year is full of plans. Since I am very dedicated to my work, it will take up the majority of my time. I'm not going to ignore my personal development. The Reina del Cafe pageant has inspired me to deepen my knowledge of Spanish. It's my dream to represent our country in international competition, but, due to the worldwide pandemic, I don't know if I'll see that dream fulfilled. Time will tell.