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    With respect for woman's body

    With respect for woman's body

    In matters of health, we make no compromises for fashion. Concerned about your health and comfort, we’ve created our newest line of tights that aid your circulation – Comfort Firm. Our designers have used only the highest quality fibre and the most up-to-date technology in creating Comfort Firm.  Firm, graduated pressure (11-14 mmHg) that relieves aches and leg cramps and the antibacterial action of silver ions are only the beginning of a long litany of pluses.  You’ll get to know the many others yourself as you cover the distance from Monday to Friday. These tights are not only suited for the office, but also for strolling, riding a bike or taking an afternoon tour of the town.  They’ll help you forget about swollen ankles and sore joints and they provide the perfect prophylactic for your veins.


    This line is also well-suited for travel, even for long-haul flights. During a long-distance journey, our legs need special care.  In Comfort Firm tights, it will be much easier to maintain your blood circulation at high altitudes and to relieve your legs as they stiffen from lack of movement.  On board a plane, it is best to remove your shoes and keep your feet in frequent motion; at the same time, one must not forget about carefully selected and comfortable clothing.  This is where Comfort Firm tights enter the picture, available in two versions:  20 and 40 denier. Depending on your needs, the weather and your preferences, you can switch them for Travel Firm knee-highs from the same production series.


    In designing this line, we did literally everything to outdo ourselves. Comfort Firm is a certain investment – the products of this series are maximally long-lasting: you can wear them over and over again, but we wouldn’t be surprised if you come back to us for additional colours. What’s more, you’ll be won over by their remarkable softness. We made sure that they would be long-lasting and run-resistant, while still as delicate as silk.  And, above all, we always thought about your health and about the captivating impression to be made by the premium quality goods we unhesitatingly offer you.


    With love for yourself, with respect for your body – treat yourself to a bit of luxury.