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    Love actually...

    Love actually...

    Self-Love. This feeling has been with us since the very first moments of creating our Spring-Summer collection.  We want this important sensation to be felt and to become a norm in our attitude toward ourselves.  Love of oneself is a subject that consistently gains too little attention.  We believe that this is something that deserves unceasing promotion and constant awareness.  That is why FiORE, in cooperation with Cloudmine, has created a new, unique T-shirt bearing the clear-cut message:  Self-Love.

    We are just thrilled.  After all, this is our first project offering attire for women from the waist up!  We hope it will give you strength and remind you of a certain very important person in your life….

    This comfortable cotton T-shirt not only sends the world an essential message, but it’s also a must basic for every summer wardrobe.  Right now, it’s available for you in sizes S/M and M/L.   To keep it in the best condition for as long as possible, we recommend that you wash it on a gentle cycle at 30 degrees C.

    Hurry up and order, as this offer is very limited!

    How do you understand self-love?  How do you hold onto the feeling?  Write to us at selflove@fiore.pl. We’re waiting for your responses which should be limited ideally to c. 800 characters.

    The three responses which move us most deeply will be rewarded* with a T-shirt and also publication on our webpage in the What’s Newsection. We’ll be accepting your comments until Tuesday, April 30th. 

    Girls, let’s be creative:  Blog with us and be an inspiration to others.

    *Contest rules can be found at this link