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    Are you open to experiment?

    Are you open to experiment?

    Our new model Ouvert, pantyhose with a teardrop cutout right THERE, first impressions aside, is an offer that is not just for very liberated, adventurous women. It’s also an option for those who simply aren’t afraid to experiment, who aren’t constrained by stiff principles and who allow themselves a bit of freedom.

    These are women who deliberately make decisions about themselves, who are open to new experiences and knowledge, who don’t need to consult anyone for permission. They know that the opinion of others is only an opinion and it needn’t bind them in any way.

    We know what we’re talking about. We have to confess something to you. We’ve actually been producing Ouvert for many years for other worldwide brands. Before we presented it to you as a full-fledged FiORE product, our view of this product went through an evolution. We gradually moved away from the thought of “open pantyhose” as a product which would objectify women. We ourselves fell into that trap: We made the decision and selection for you without consulting you. But we’ve now come to understand our mistake and so we’re bringing it up again – it’s beautiful that we each have our own varying needs and preferences. Each of our individual sensitivities deserves to be addressed in the best possible way.

    Ouvert is an airy, breezy model for summer, an intriguing addition for the bedroom and ultimately a classic style of pantyhose which adds self-confidence to your day, provokes your imagination and stimulates your appetite for more. We get it!  In order to be at peace with ourselves, we first have to stifle the roar of opinion from elsewhere and get to know ourselves well.  In making various decisions, each of us decides on our own boundaries:  boundaries of experimentation, boundaries of what we wish to tell others about ourselves, how much we want to show and how much we want to conceal.

    So let’s not judge other women’s choices according to our own categories. For each of us, fashion, fun and even the choice of a tasty dessert can mean something entirely different. Let’s appreciate various forms of expression and various levels of sensitivity. This is our growing power!