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    Our Newest Collection RENDEZ-VOUS Autumn-Winter 2020/2021

    Our Newest Collection RENDEZ-VOUS Autumn-Winter 2020/2021

    Do you like creating original looks?  Those that electrify with their uniqueness, paying homage to the classy looks of bygone eras, while giving them a fresh, modern interpretation?  Come and learn about the newest trends of this season based on the styles of the '70s in a stylish, French interpretation.

    What will be in style this fall?

    The catwalks have returned to “flower power” fashions which, in addition to the flowers themselves, also feature embellishments such as bellbottom pants, fringes, suede patches and the sunny look of tie-dyed designs.  Forget the shopping centres – to create this look, you often have to look no further than the closets of your friends who might be holding onto some priceless fashion gems tucked away years ago.  In presenting our newest collection of hose and socks, we'll give you tips on how best to combine these various elements. 

    Lots of inspiration!  What moves us, what influences us?

    Our new autumn-winter Rendez-Vous collection will embolden you with a look in which you can sense the coquetry of the nonchalant Jane Birkin and the spirit of her songs.  She's an icon of French style.  Despite some opinions to the contrary, she never liked provoking controversy with her appearance.  You might say that she liked to add a bit of spice to things that were too bland and, when things were somewhat more provocative, she would ”tame” them by, for example, putting on her favourite Converses, giving the entire outfit a sporty character.

    Our propositions for the season ahead.

    We're not afraid to combine different styles, designs and textures either.  We don't hesitate to use large, bold motifs like the heart design in our Sweetheart model or the animal print of our Glam Rock.  With them, you can achieve a perfect balance between extravagance and simplicity.   

    We're also offering many variations on chequered patterns.  In designing them, we developed versions that are new this season – the classic check of Twist Again, the slimming diamonds of Rockabilly and the macro-adapted houndstooth of Mulinetto.  In addition, we put into play a fresh, new colour – the warm red check of our Twist model.

    We also haven't forgotten the usual, ultra-feminine features – dots, seams and sweet bows.  Fans of those timeless classics will certainly enjoy our JaneJoie and Bonbon models.  If you want a truly outstanding effect, check out our ethereal Sfioramento model which features a graceful, alighting crane embroidered in silver thread.  

    And don't forget our ankle-caressing socks!  For the start of the season, we can celebrate the premiere of a select trio of beautiful socks:  Pepe Bianco with polka dots, Mezzo Forte with the  powerful red accent of its soft, elastic border, and also Prima Neve with its fine snowflake-like points. 

    If you want something shiny or sparkly, we've got something special for you!  Spectacular colours and sparkling materials of premium quality:  the beautiful mirror effect of our Glossy model - which comes in intensive cobalt or in a deep, saturated red - or else the copper shine of Lurex thread used in the 3D technology of our model Gold Rush. 

    Making you look awesome is our main goal!



    What can you do to make your look even more exciting?

    We can say a bit perversely that you should just let yourself feel as comfortable as in your own skin.  Experiment, and if a style brings a smile to your face, then there's a good chance that it won't escape the attention of others.  We often think about what's appropriate, what will be on target.  Is what I do adequate, is it enough?  We offer you room to experiment along with a certain dose of French self-assurance.  You'll see that it's worth it!