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    Looking to wear hold-ups?

    Looking to wear hold-ups?

    Stockings are very stylish, and not only look great with dresses but also skirts and in some cases even with shorts. An interesting option are hold-up stockings, which differ slightly from the classic approach to the type. Looking to wear hold-up stockings?

    What are hold-up stockings?

    Hold-ups have special silicone bands on the inside. These are located at the top, near the welt, forming a wide band like that can be found with calf and knee-length socks, but in a slightly modified form. Thanks to this, unlike classic stockings, hold-ups do not require a suspender belt. This is all due to the specific properties of silicone, which sticks to the skin.

    However, if hold-ups are too tight then they can cause problems with blood circulation. Because of this it is extremely important to take into account the thigh circumference. On the other hand the stockings cannot be too loose. In this case the silicone will not stick to the skin and they will slide down as you walk.

    Looking to wear hold-up stockings?

    Hold-ups do not require additional straps, so they are very comfortable to use. All you need to do is pull them up your legs and make sure that the silicone band sticks to your skin.

    Don’t forget that the top of the stockings should be higher than the lower edge of your dress or skirt. The lace welt of the stockings should not be visible, so if you are planning to wear a short dress or skirt it is worth opting for slightly longer stockings. On the market you can find many types of stockings, from those that go slightly over the knee to much longer ones that cover almost the entire leg. Another important aspect is the length of your legs, so before choosing a specific option it is important to check that they fit you.

    Even when hold-ups are worn correctly, they can look bad if they are too tight. The can create rolls on your legs, which makes them look much bigger. Even if you’re slim, stockings that are too tight may not look as good as you expected. This means that when you are choosing an appropriate size you should focus on the circumference specified by the manufacturer.

    The most important things about choosing hold-ups:

    • choose the size perfect for your thigh circumference,
    • make sure that you are not allergic to silicone,
    • choose stockings long enough to be covered by your skirt or dress,
    • make sure that the welts stick to your thighs,
    • choose high-quality so they serve you for a long time.

    Who should choose hold-up stockings?

    They are a good choice for a woman who does not like classical tights. For anyone considering a prom or wedding, they are the go-to choice. As they are more comfortable than standard tights, and since they do not require straps, they are quick and easy to put on. They are also a perfect and comfortable solution for a passionate date, as they look simply stunning and very tempting.

    Hold-ups are not a good choice for anyone who is allergic to silicone. In this case, wearing them may cause redness or itching. If you know that your skin should not be in contact with silicone, you might consider classical stockings and a suspender belt.