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    Modern Muse AW 21/22 collection

    Modern Muse AW 21/22 collection

    Mixing styles is an extremely popular practice. For this reason, we focussed on two trends in the Modern Muse collection – vintage and modern. Our tights, knee socks and socks are an amazing option for people who love trendy and functional solutions. Check what you can find in the Modern Muse collection.

    Vintage/retro clothes

    Vintage fashion is based on classic forms that were the most popular decades ago. They are now back in fashion, but in a slightly updated version. The Modern Muse collection includes products that combine traditional patterns with modern, geometric shapes. Retro clothes in this style work great regardless of the circumstances, emphasising your femininity and outfit.

    Vintage clothes are the perfect complement to many looks. Contemporary clothing of this type is significantly different from that which was popular in the last century. Today, these are minimalist products, but with interesting touches relating to specific motifs. The Modern Muse collection includes, for example, Half Moon tights, Modern Classic dots and longitudinal Telco stripes that optically lengthen the legs. These are compositions designed not to overwhelm, but to subtly complement clothes of any style.

    In the Modern Muse collection, you can find black and white tights with varying degrees of coverage and unique socks and knee socks, often in slightly more expressive colours, which are immediately associated with the retro style.

    Modern fashion

    Modern fashion, on the other hand, is based on simple, often geometric forms. So, in our collection you may find, for example, Grid socks, the design of which refers to the photovoltaic system installed in our building. In addition, the available products are based on motifs from famous paintings, herbs, flowers or astrology. The combination of modern forms with retro fashion has created clothing that is both eye-catching and very elegant. It’s a perfect way to emphasise your silhouette and love for stylish solutions.

    Our products are perfect both for everyday wear and as a complement to formal outfits. The combination of the two extreme styles made it possible to create an amazing ensemble that’s in line with current trends. Women’s retro style fits perfectly with simple, modern shapes. This keeps it from being too ornate, but allows you to add a bit of variety to your look. We offer both versatile models, such as Tweed Dreams, which refers to the pattern used on jumpers, and abstract Zodiac tights, which feature various constellations on them. These products are unlike any others, ideal for fans of mixing vintage fashion with modern trends.