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    Freedom – Fiore’s autumn and winter 2022/2023 collection

    Freedom – Fiore’s autumn and winter 2022/2023 collection

    There are few periods in fashion history as inspiring as the 90s. Not only Anna Gacek in her book ‘Ecstasy’ convinces us of this, but also the Fiore brand, which has prepared a collection for the autumn-winter 2022/2023 season with an atmosphere reminiscent of George Michael’s music video ‘Freedom! ‘90’ and Peter Lindbergh’s photographs starring supermodels. Check out what true fashionistas need to know about this tights collection!

    Freedom, ecstasy, sex appeal – a tights collection that expresses the spirit of the 90s.

    One of the most inspiring trends of recent months? The 90s aesthetic, eagerly used by influencers in their outfits and by designers in their collections. However, it is easy to forget in the wave of popularity of this decade that it represents more than just disco vibes and flashy streetwear. The 90s were also a time of an awakening of liberated femininity, a brave reinterpretation of the classics, a new approach to the body and the function of fashion. Sex appeal, power looks, pushing boundaries – that’s how you can define this fascinating time.


    And this was precisely how the 90s delighted the Fiore brand enough to dedicate its latest collection for autumn and winter 2022/2023 to it. One of the most important inspirations was George Michael’s groundbreaking music video for the song ‘Freedom! ‘90’, the story of which is passionately described by Anna Gacek in her book ‘Ecstasy’. If you want to understand the context of Fiore’s latest collection better, and get a better sense of the trends that are about to rule the shops and the streets, read the journalist’s debut book or listen to an episode of the podcast produced as part of the Fiore RE: LOVE series, in which Anna Gacek was a guest and recalls her childhood in the 90s, her fascination with MTV, Dr. Martens and grunge.


    And why is it worth reading one of the chapters of ‘Ecstasy’ about the top models of the 90s, lavishly rewarded for a few days of shooting in London? Because, as Anna Gacek emphasises, the clip was all about celebrating the fascinating nature of women, which is exactly what the Fiore brand had in mind for its autumn/winter collection.


    By the way, there was another artist in the 90s who had an almost devotional attitude to women as muses – it was the photographer Peter Lindbergh, who, as Anna Gacek writes in her book, loved to show a woman in his pictures, and only later the fashion. The editors of Vogue magazine, who were responsible for an aesthetic revolution (not only in fashion) in that decade, knew perfectly well that this was precisely the approach worth betting on. And rightly so – the 90s created a new, bold, sensual and uncompromising pattern of femininity, which we are still fascinated by today when creating styles for autumn and winter 2022/2023.

    Tights and socks that supermodels like Cindy Crowford would wear – discover the new Fiore collection.

    Fiore’s autumn and winter 2022/2023 collection, inspired by George Michael’s iconic music video and Peter Lindbergh’s cinematography, is feminine yet edgy. Exactly like the supermodels of that special decade. They, too, would love to wear tights with exaggerated polka dots, flowers or imitation stockings, and would pair sneakers and high heels with colourful socks with a playful print.


    An interesting element of Fiore’s latest line is the predatory socks with a leopard spots motif. Will animal patterns ever go out of style? Nothing says so! – they are back in vogue once again.


    Tights with a knitted motif, inspired by classic woollen tights but definitely more comfortable and sexy, also attract attention among Fiore’s latest designs. Female sports fans (but also – nonchalant elegance with a wink) can also find socks with a colourful stripe (reminiscent of socks worn by members of a college sports team), which can be worn just as successfully with sports shoes as with leather moccasins.

    The Fiore flagship designs for this season, which are meant to be associated with supermodels and are named after them, should also not be ignored: the alluring Cindy cabaret tights, reminiscent of the daring styles for which Cindy Crowford is famous. The Naomi opaque tights with an interesting ornament, on the other hand, are reminiscent of the oriental, richly decorated creations favoured by the famous model, Naomi Campbell.

    The collection is topped by Astro tights, a subversive take on the astrology of the 90s, from which the designers, led by Christian Dior, famed for his love of superstition, drew heavily on the planets and stars. Speaking of styles, let’s check out how to wear the latest designs from Freedom’s autumn/winter 2022/2023 collection.

    How should you wear the Fiore tights from the Freedom collection? You decide!

    How should you create a look with tights and socks from Fiore’s autumn/winter 2022/2023 collection? Ideally, you should take the very watchword of this line as your starting point: Freedom itself! In practice, this means that any elements can be mixed without regard to the aesthetic affiliation to a particular style.


    Sport jumpsuits, sequin skirts and polka dot tights? Elegant knitted midi dresses, trainers, platform loafers and socks with colourful details? A classic little black dress and ultra-feminine tights that pretend to be stockings? Why not!


    Not only the models in the 90s, but also the aforementioned George Michael or Peter Lindbergh set an excellent example for walking your own path. Think of the new fashion season as the best time to finally feel like yourself, and let the tights and socks from the Freedom collection serve as part of your fashion expression.