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    90s fashion

    90s fashion

    Fashion trends go around and come around—it shouldn’t come as a surprise to any fashionista. Lately, this has been the case with… 90s trends. In the 2022/2023 autumn/winter season, the staples of that decade’s style are back in vogue. How can you style yourself in line with this trend?

    Fashion of the 90s—an Overview

    The 90s style was shaped by stars like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Jennifer Lopez, and the heroines of the now classic series “Sex and the City”. However, that decade’s fashion quickly fell out of favour and was considered for a long time a symbol of bad taste rather than something worth making part of your daily outfits.

    The style of the last decade of the 20th century is currently seeing a revival. Animal prints, crop tops, and “ugly shoes” models from Gucci and Balenciaga are worn by Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Emily Sindlev, who have popularised varsity jackets on Instagram. The popular trends also include makeup styles once championed by the likes of Kate Moss, a popular 90s top model described as “heroin chic”.

    Want to follow this trend? Look for inspiration not only on social media and in old photos, but also in episodes of “Derry Girls”, “Euphoria” and the 5th season of “The Crown”, in which Elizabeth Debicki plays Lady Di, an undisputed icon of 90s fashion.

    What elements of that decade fit perfectly into modern fashion? Learn more about the modern vintage style from this inspiring guide and create your perfect look for autumn and winter.

    90s Trends—What did They Wear?

    What trends were the staples of the wild 90s? Just check out the old Chanel collections, old photos of Kate Moss and Britney Spears, or re-watch the series with the famous Carrie Bradshaw. Tight fitting naked dresses, animal print trousers, cardigans, pearl clip earrings à la Chanel and baguette handbags—that’s what they wore in those years.

    Clothes inspired by the looks of businesswomen from the first large corporations—with suits, stilettos, stockings, and boldly short haircuts—are also trending.

    At the same time, you should pay attention to another leading trend, equally as popular now as then. The collections of the latest seasons have accents inspired by hip-hop culture and streetwear—chunky sneakers, vintage Nike hoodies, oversized dungarees and wide mom jeans, worn with XXL t-shirts or with crop tops.

    90s Fashion in Poland—How Was It Unique?

    The 90s in Poland were a time of going crazy over trends straight from the West and new possibilities that were not available during the communist era. Music videos, posters from Bravo magazine, foreign trips—inspiration could be found everywhere. Poland was literally flooded with ideas and products from across its western border and the USA—from the three-striped adidas sneakers to leopard print dresses.

    Just like their beloved stars from across the ocean, Polish women adored high-waisted trousers, stretchy shirts with prints inspired by Versace fashion shows, and mid-thigh vinyl skirts. As for the domestic designers, celebrities such as Teresa Rosati, Maciej Zień and Eva Minge were making a name for themselves

    90s Clothes, Back in Fashion

    Is the 90s a decade that strongly inspires your style? Benefit from the fact that designers see its value again. When it comes to office fashion, buy a woman’s suit and wear it with boots or pumps, preferably paired with classic Edith stockings from Fiore. You’ll also need a shirt, for instance a striped one, that will look great with a wide-shoulder jacket. Go for flared or wide trousers with narrow pencil skirts.

    Everyday 90s style? Choose hoodies or varsity jackets, jeans and sneakers on thick soles (so-called creepers). To break up the streetwear vibe, put on a patterned shirt (leopard print will always be a hit). Designers also say that you can wear balloon jeans with a very feminine top—glitter, transparent or revealing the midriff.

    Also pay attention to lacy, crocheted or knitted dresses, glitter leggings, biker shorts—a favourite of Princess Diana, and a body instead of a top.

    Denim is also a must-have in collections by designers who are in love with the 90s. It is used not only in jeans, but also in skirts, shirts, dresses, jackets and coats.

    90s-style Makeup Which Ideas Are Trendy Again?

    It’s essential to complete your 90s outfit with the right make-up—this is the only way to achieve a WOW effect. 90s fashion is all about glossy light blue, purple and white eyeshadows and satin brown lipsticks (with lip liner).

    It’s becoming trendy again to mix pastel eyeshadows with strong or dark lipsticks, such as chocolate, maroon or tangerine.

    Designers on the catwalks are also championing very thin eyebrows, which have recently tempted Nicola Peltz. All the signs are that this idea is here to stay!

    90s Fashion—Which Accessorises should you Choose?

    90s-style outfits won’t be complete without the right accessories. Take a look at Instagram and see how many options you have to choose from this season! In both big brands and chain stores, you’ll find mainly platform shoes, whether boots or elegant Mary Jane pumps. Designers have also taken a liking to classic stiletto heels with a narrow toe to wear with an evening dress or jeans.

    Matching handbags are also trendy: baguettes, hobo bags, and Dior-like shoulder bags. Spice up your outfit with matching patterned tights, which were popular among celebrities and models in the 90s. Luckily enough, you will find them easily—just go for the season’s favourite Stardust model from the Polish brand Fiore.

    Lately, more and more attention has been paid to… socks. Be sure to have some sport socks in you wardrobe, such as Nike or adidas, with Versace-like patterns or glittery ones, with a lurex thread.

    As you can see, the style from the past decades remains a source of inspiration! If you want to become an Instagram star, dress like the characters from “Derry Girls” and surprise your friends; go for a style straight from the 90s. Also, check out how to re-interpret trends from another fashion period, specifically the 2000s.