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    Fall in love. Self-Love.

    Fall in love. Self-Love.

    Our newest collection for the spring and summer seasons is an expression of a woman’s inner strength, which makes her love herself. What is it, other than that, that is the basic element, the essence of love of others and of the world? The various features of 'Self Love' answer that question. This season, our models are making powerful statements!

    Some do so directly, carrying slogans that are signposts – designs formulated as complete statements through which you can express yourself. Among them is our leitmotif: the I feel you model, because loving yourself is feeling your own body, trusting in its possibilities, giving yourself pleasure without feelings of guilt. We all know this: It is hardest of all to convince ourselves that we deserve something.

    In creating this collection, we dreamt that women would become aware once more that time invested in surrounding oneself with beauty is not time wasted. Let’s give ourselves some space, some time to breathe. Let’s listen to our intuition, to that inner voice which is overwhelmed most every day by the roar of the noise surrounding us, starting with that early morning traffic jam…. Let’s think about bold changes! Who said we can’t buy ourselves a bouquet of flowers?

    The Belle âme model provides the latest statement that we view a body as beautiful only when it bears within in a beautiful soul. The dashing Bisou, or kiss, indicates that you like to surround yourself with people, that you cherish your friends and that you are open to close relationships. The slogan 'Pardon my French' is a nod to the legendary Dalida and, at the same time, an encouragement to accept oneself as you are, even with imperfections. This spring, we want to play with words, important ones as well as mundane ones. Paroles, paroles…

    This collection stems from a deeply felt sensitivity. As we mature, we allow ourselves increasingly to engage with that sensitivity, just as we enjoy arriving at our own principles in selecting fashion. We merge different conventions, indispensable classics with polka dots or even finer points, we underscore the whole with lively colours! We play with contrasts. We offer different versions of seams. We follow trends, so in this series we also offer feline prints. At the same time, we offer subtle motifs and cabaret styles. A complete novelty, on the other hand, is facial designs based on outdoor objects. This is all an indirect way of saying that every woman has multiple images and only with time does she realise her potential. Beyond that, la donna è mobile! As ever.