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    Because we care

    Because we care

    We want to share with you our newest summer discovery.  We’re crazy about it!

    Here, on the one hand, we have these clever net bags, which protect delicate stockings, even the most delicate ones, during laundering in automatic washers or drying in rotating dryers. They are perfect for washing lace stockings or underwear, protecting them from snags and damage. They have only recently appeared online and they are still a novelty in our shop.

    On the other hand, it’s summertime. Exceptionally hot and oppressive. Our office lunches these days are mostly fresh fruit. After the sweet strawberries, the time has come for berries and cherries. Citrus fruits are also always satisfying, too. There are two well-stocked fruit and vegetable stores near our office and each of us at FiORE is a frequent customer.

    If you look at the photo, you must know by now what we’re getting at. We don’t remember which of us thought of it first and who was the first to bring back her fruit packed in our own multi-use bag. What’s important is that we’ve now made this our custom and we don’t even think about carrying our purchases in single-use plastic bags any more. We’ve taken this practice to our homes, too, and even on our vacation trips! You can appreciate the results in the photos in Joanna’s report.

    We encourage you to adopt this practice. We are pursuing the goal of zero waste. Our bag sees to it not only that your stockings, tights and fine socks will serve you longer, that they won’t tear or pill in the laundry and that they’ll maintain their best qualities. It’s also one way to create less waste by using and discarding fewer single-use plastic bags (e.g. tear-offs), protecting the environment, both around us and around the planet as we “think globally and act locally.”

    Every means of bringing us closer to realizing this goal is valuable. We are happy to see even the smaller step in a good direction and we’re eager to share this joy with you.