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    Vintage Soul AW 19/20

    Vintage Soul AW 19/20

    This season, vintage reigns supreme, with a look resembling retro photography. Vintage is more than just a passing fad; it is truly a whole new way of looking at fashion in a fast-changing reality.

    Fashion is changing at a dizzying pace. If you delay a month or two in buying a blouse or bag with the latest print, that print in principle can be discarded. A persistent hunger for novelty, a multiplicity of incentives, sales, mini-collections, special collections, shopping frenzies…. all these things create an exceptionally strong atmosphere, but we are well aware that this must change.

    This is why we are seeing clothing of great quality ending up in second-hand stores where they are always in vogue. This is why we are also creating items from capsule collections: basics which, despite their simplicity, always look stylish. And fortunately, we also have a variety of add-ons which, in the blink of an eye, can entirely change the nature of an outfit. These can include precious pearls, a stylish handbag, sharp-looking tortoiseshell eyeglasses… and, of course, the attractive and avantgarde designer tights of our newest collection Vintage Soul AW 19/20.

    In our collection, inspired by the crisp soul of New York City and by the consistent chic and nonchalance of Paris, we present a range of intriguing models with cutting-edge design, as well as those with a reassuringly elegant and classic appearance. These have all been created so as to give your basic wardrobe a new feeling each time you dress.

    Absolutely vintage are the finely crafted seams and stripes, embellished with graceful bows, such as those in our Christy and Adriana models. Autumn can’t pass us by without our embracing mélange, such as that in our Retro Chic checkered design or those in our sparkling striped Cosmo model. This season, we are giving sparkly designs broad play, including as many as three different star-spangled models! We also have, as always, wonderful, multi-colored flower motifs in tones of red, heather and blended greens with a warm note of turmeric. In addition, we have a series of classic styles of tights, kneesocks and socks in a variety of textures and for every kind of weather. And then there are our beautiful lace patterns: take a look at our Carrie and Lily-Rose styles. For additional information, we invite you to visit our collection page today.