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    New Dance line

    New Dance line

    Dance was born out of passion, from a need for self-expression and creation. Dance and music express life in its most emotional dimension. Similarly, our newest line, ‘Dance’ is the product of our constant need to create and of our vivid appreciation of the beauty that surrounds us. Three prima ballerinas, three beautiful and strong women, became our muses. Each of them attained the most prestigious title in the world of dance: prima ballerina assoluta. Such extraordinary inspiration demanded of us the creation of no less than the most professional products of the utmost quality that precisely meet the needs of dancers.

    As a result of their repeated movements and exercises, dancers’ feet are subjected to countless irritations, stresses and small internal injuries of the tendons and joints, so it is most important that, as necessary, their feet can be quickly freed of toeshoes and tights so that they can be protected from further contusions, so that protective gear can be applied or injured toes can be bandaged.

    Our convertible tights (smooth or with a seam) and also our superelastic leggings are an ideal solution to daily training problems. In addition, their uniform, matte texture and delicate colors guarantee that you will look phenomenal.

    Extraordinarily elastic, tough and beautiful in their powdered state, the tights and leggings of the ‘Dance’ product line guarantee you unlimited freedom of movement and let you enjoy the freedom that dance can bring.