WILD WEST 8 DEN - Tights


8 DEN G5998


This is a real madness of patterns and colours! An edgy feline print comes back in subsequent seasons like a boomerang, never ceases to amaze us and adds an extra edge to our outfits. This time, apart from the indispensable black version, we came up with a new interpretation of the brown leopard print on thin fuchsia-coloured tights. Unleash your wild side!

Patterned, transparent, t-band tights with a comfortable ribbing and a flat seam. Cotton gusset in sizes 3 and 4. Invisibly reinforced, patterned toe portion. Two colour options: black and brown on fuchsia. Available also in size 5.

fuchsia/brown 75% poliamid 10% elastan 15% prolen
black 90% poliamid 10% elastan