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    70s fashion

    70s fashion

    70s fashion – the timeless retro style for everyday use

    70s fashion isn’t just a usual journey through time, but also a fascinating return to the timeless style that continues to inspire contemporary designers and fashion enthusiasts. The 70s is an era that brought bold patterns, classic cuts and expressive accessories that have been enjoying popularity to this day. In the following part of the article, you find out what defines 70s fashion and how to wear retro pieces!

    70s fashion – characteristic features

    The 70s is a period that had a huge impact on the world of fashion and culture. It was characterised by a number of features and main trends that determined the style of that time. Key characteristic features of the 70s fashion are:

    •       bold colours and patterns – this decade was dominated by intense shades of brown, green and pink. Flower and abstract patterns were extremely in.
    •       maxi length – skirts, dresses and coats with a maxi length were an inseparable element of the fashion of the 70s. It’s a period when long, airy clothes gained popularity; they often featured decorative frills and tassels;
    •       bell-bottoms – flared jeans called bell-bottoms were an absolute hit. They were a basis for many outfits and were often matched with colourful shirts;
    •       strong make-up – natural make-up with a strong emphasis on the eyes was popular in the 70s. Long lashes, eyeliner and bright eye shadow were must-haves for fashionable women in the 70s;
    •       interesting accessories – sunglasses with large, oval shapes, wide belts, straw hats and jewellery with big stones were particularly desired in the 70s.

    There’s no denying that the fashion of the time is an amazing source of inspiration for young people who eagerly go back to trends from years gone by.

    70s fashion – main trends

    If you want to know what 70s fashion looked like, you have to get to know the main trends, which include:

    •       hippie style – the hippie movement was a great source of inspiration. Women wore maxi dresses, tassels and clothes with flower patterns, as well as large glasses. Loose cuts and flared skirts originate from the hippie style;
    •       punk style – young people fascinated by rock music wore leather jackets, denim trousers with holes and heavy boots, creating a rebellious, nonchalant style;
    •       disco style – disco fashion is a main trend of the 70s, with unique clothes and an abundance of trinkets. The disco era engulfed lovers of distinctive and surprising styles. The disco style was all about shiny shirts, mini skirts, crop tops, shimmery fabrics, psychedelic patterns, wide trousers, jumpsuits, women’s suits and other trendy garments.

    Women’s fashion in that decade was full of contrasts and diversity, making it an extremely inspiring period in the history of fashion to this day. You can notice its impact in modern trends and outfits.

    Retro style icons

    It’s time to get to know beautiful women who were true fashion icons in the 70s. The first is Farrah Fawcett. She was an actress and model who became famous thanks to her long wavy hair and distinctive looks. Her signature look was denim bell-bottom trousers and loose shirts. There’s no denying that her natural charm and nonchalance shaped trends in the 70s. The next woman who influenced 70s fashion is Cher – mostly known for her music career, but also for her inimitable style. Her sequin and fur outfits dazzled women all over the world.

    Clothes in the 70s style – how to wear them

    If you want to wear pieces in the 70s style today, we’ve prepared for you a few valuable tips that can help you create modern looks. Bell-bottom jeans are one of the essential pieces in your wardrobe if you want to dress according to the trends of the time. Match them with loose shirts or colourful blouses in disco style. Decorative elements, such as tassels and lace, are still popular. Add bags with tassels, vests and dresses decorated with lace to your wardrobe. But that’s not all – choose elegant shirts with a collar. You can wear them with both trousers and skirts. If you go for a skirt, STEREO tights, preferably in a burgundy shade, are essential. Don’t forget appropriate make-up. Highlighting your eyes with an expressive eyeliner is the way to go. Experiment and have fun with fashion!

    Fashion in Poland in the 70s

    Just like in other countries, the 70s in Poland was a time of cultural changes that were reflected in fashion. At the time, despite some restrictions, Polish fashion also underwent an evolution. During the People’s Republic of Poland, access to Western clothes was limited, which meant that many people had to rely on their own creativity to adapt their clothes to the trends of the time. Women wore trousers more, and more often, jeans, bell-bottoms and jumpsuits prevailed. But that’s not all, loose tunics and head scarves were also in fashion.

    If you’re interested in fashion and want to create stunning looks, be sure to also check out how to wear the 2000s style in a modern way. You may also be interested in this article on what fashion was like in the 1990s. These articles provide plenty of valuable advice to help you put together fashionable and stylish outfits for a variety of occasions.

    70s fashion is all about timeless style, which can easily be incorporated into contemporary outfits. Whether you love bold colours, bell-bottoms, tassels and accessories – the 70s offer lots of inspiration for original looks. Remember that fashion is about having fun and a way to express your personality, so don’t be afraid to experiment and match original pieces from different periods. There’s no denying that the 70s style still impresses us!