Thigh Bands

We all would like to carry out our everyday activities in comfort. During the summer months we may be exposed to painful chafing on the thighs. On warm days, due to excessive sweating, the inner thighs can rub against each other. This results in reddening, irritation, and even skin inflammation and ulceration of this part of the body. Special thigh bands can effectively prevent this condition.

Select your thigh band

Fiore offers thigh bands made of a fabric that is delicate, soft to the touch and, above all, “breathable”, absorbing moisture and making it optimally airy. The classic version offers a thigh band made of satin, while the somewhat more elegant and chic one uses lace. Choose your band size, and forget about unpleasant satin chafing.
A good thigh band not only prevents chafing and reduces its risk, it should be discreet enough that it is practically invisible under the garment. You can wear bands with loose-fitting trousers, but also with leggings, shorts, mini skirts and flared dresses. They have all been designed to give you total comfort and freedom of movement. Fiore thigh bands do not gather up, roll or compress your thighs excessively, do not affect blood circulation and maximise your comfort during your daily activities – they are almost undetectable.

Unique thigh band design

All Fiore thigh bands are designed for women who want to take full advantage of the warm summer days. We are well aware of how high temperatures can produce excessive sweating, resulting in chafing of the skin on the inside of the thighs. These delicate bands have been designed to effectively deal with this problem.
Fiore thigh bands are both classic and stylish. Choose your favourite size and pattern. They are all made of the best quality fabrics, completely safe for your skin. Specialized clothing of this type helps you take care of your comfort in a discreet way. It is worth knowing that thigh chafing is not only painful, but can also contribute to chronic inflammation, discolouration or permanent scars. Prevent this disfigurement to your legs, as they are a huge asset to your femininity.