Sensual - Collection

Sensual – première 2019. Femininity saturates every last detail like a dash of chilli in sweet chocolate.

Discover all the new models and choose your favorite ones.

They are alluring, intimidating and unforgettable. Are you tempted?

Premium quality

A premium quality feast for your senses. Deep black washes over you like a fine French wine, emphasizing the curves of your body.

The Sensual collection includes six suspender belts, which keep everything on an appropriate level: the stockings, good taste and delight at female beauty. Now the senses come into play: unbounded and a bit frivolous.







Amante, Virtuosa
Premium quality

Lovers, muses, femmes fatales have always been a great inspiration. Virtuosa, a retro suspender belt and Amante stockings provide the top quality and a bohemian style. This look carries you to dazzling Paris of the early 1920s, where Kiki de Montparnasse and Josephine Baker were in their prime.

Intriguing and expressive, Femme Fatale hold-ups with geometric stripes on top, a fancy sole and a back seam which optically lengthens your legs. Be aware of all your assets and make the most out of them.

model: Klaudia Sikorska / Neva Models

photo: Monika Jelińska

assistant: Przemek Brynkiewicz

stylist: Marcela Stańczyk

mua: Grzegorz Szustak