Fiore EKO

Fiore tights as a sustainable ecological product and a conscious choicer
An ecological lifestyle has many followers all over the world. Organic food and natural cosmetics are becoming more and more popular but a conscious approach to consumption also manifests itself in the production of textiles. Fiore also aims to create tights in harmony with nature, offering high quality in an ecological version
Tights made of yarns
that disappear from the planet in just 3 years!
Fiore strives to ensure that the process of creating tights is as close to nature as possible, while maintaining consistently high quality. For the sake of the environment, we have created products different than any other – we proudly present our latest Eccola line (meaning “here she is!” in Italian)
Our eco-tights are made in such a way that they are completely safe for the skin, while not harming the environment.
These products do not require a lot of water in production compared to standard tights thanks to the use of revolutionary, 100% biodegradable fibres with the Amni Soul Eco® certificate. They also undergo fast anaerobic decomposition thanks to the improved formula of polyamide, which allows for their elimination from our planet in just 3 years!
Eccola packaging is made from
100% recycled material
Fiore’s eco-tights are environmentally friendly not only due to the materials used and their place of origin, but also due to the packaging. We have reduced the consumption of plastic in ECCOLA packages to 0%! To create it, we used 100% recycled Kraft cardboard, and thanks to the construction of the cardboard box, we have been able to eliminate the use of foil.
We also eliminated foil from the outer packaging used for shipping. Thanks to this, we can offer completely safe, ecological tights, reducing the amount of waste produced.
Fiore’s ecological
shipping packaging
We have also completely resigned from packing the sent textiles with additional foil (poly mailer), thanks to which we produce much less plastic. The ordered tights will be delivered you in a small cardboard box without any additional layer of plastic. Resigning from wrapping cardboard boxes with foil allows us to significantly reduce the consumption of harmful materials, which means avoiding the production of many kilograms of plastic per year.
The eco-initiative regarding the packaging of our tights does not affect their safety during transport. We make sure that the cardboard boxes are fully sealed and durable. Thanks to this, the ordered products will not be damaged during the transport and they will arrive in perfect condition, no matter how many kilometres they have to cover.

Local raw materials

Transporting clothing around the world requires a large amount of gasoline or aviation fuel, which is associated with the production of pollutants that have a negative impact on the environment. For this reason, we have limited our supply chains to only the nearby area. Fewer kilometres driven means lower fuel consumption and lower emissions. We work with local entrepreneurs to reduce our carbon footprint to an absolute minimum.
The first eco-tights available at the Fiore store are a combination of an ecological approach to various concerns – production, transport and shipment of purchased items. We ensure that absolutely all of our products are made in local factories and do not have to travel thousands of kilometres before being placed in your wardrobe.
Out of concern for the environment, we choose only durable yarns and laces that come from reliable European producers. Our tights are made with the use of materials from Poland, Italy, France, Belgium and Portugal. We do not import materials from other continents and thanks to this we reduce the environmental pollution resulting from transport. Verification of the raw materials used in the production of tights also allows us to create durable clothing that will stay with you for longer. All of these ecological activities make the finished product reliable and non-irritating to the skin while retaining its perfect appearance for a long time, and its manufacturing does not endanger the environment.

Local workers

All of Fiore’s production is located in our factory in Lodz, reducing the route that would otherwise have to be covered by the finished products on the way to warehouse. We do not use cheap labour from other countries, providing new jobs for local seamstresses and designers, graduates of professional universities in Lodz. Thanks to this, we can maintain European standards and the quality that every lover of durable ecological tights deserves.
100% of production is located in one facility – in our factory in Lodz. We make sure that our first eco-tights, like all other Fiore products, are created by local employees, qualified designers and seamstresses – this is how we support Polish women!
Our tights meet European quality and safety standards. A conscious approach to the production of textiles meets the tastes of people who choose solutions that do not threaten nature and mankind. The tights are made in a local factory, so they must meet the standards that are in force in the European Union. Therefore, they are a safe solution and at the same time their production supports the Polish economy.
Trustworthy textiles
and Oeko-Tex® certificate
The available tights are marked with the Oeko-Tex® certificate, which means that no harmful substances have been used to create them. Obtaining such a distinction requires careful checking of the composition of the materials, the origin of the raw materials and the method of production of the goods. The Oeko-Tex® certificate is considered to be one of the most important indicators determining the safety of textiles.
All products available in our offer have been marked with the Oeko-Tex® certificate, which is only given to textiles created without the use of hazardous additives. As a result, they work well even for allergy sufferers and do not have a negative impact on nature.
Fiore tights are safe both for the skin and for the environment. The absence of harmful substances means that worn-out items and the production of new goods do not pose a threat to the environment and ecosystems. Only verified raw materials that are non-toxic to plants, soil and the human body are used for the production.