Check out how to style your outfit depending on the occasion

It must first be noted that the female figure is beautiful at any size. No matter what your body type is, you should feel feminine, sensual and beautiful because you are very special. One type of figure is the so-called “apple”. This is what we will focus on in this article. How do you enhance your beauty and how do you choose the right styling for your apple figure? What characterises this figure? Discover the answers to the most important questions!

The apple figure – general definition

The apple figure, also known as the ‘oval figure’, is one of the body types characterised by the fact that, more often than not, the shoulder and hip lines are similar. People with this figure often have a rounded stomach, which is the widest part of the body. The waist is not outlined, the legs and arms are slim and the bust is considerable. It is the differences in proportions that determine the specific styling for the apple figure. However, remember that no matter what your body currently looks like – you can feel comfortable in your skin. Your body is unique and deserves special care. Take care of it every day and, above all, do not compare yourself to others. While everyday outfits can make you accept your body even more, confidence and self-esteem should come from within.
Choosing the right outfit to highlight strengths and hide minor flaws can be a challenge. However, all you need to do is follow a few simple tips that are sure to make choosing the right outfit much easier. In the world of Polish celebrities, the apple figure type is held by, for example, Magda Gessler and Dorota Wellman. Each of these women can perfectly match individual pieces of clothing to suit their figure. Consequently, they look beautiful and certainly feel confident in their clothes. Of course, some celebrities have their own stylists who know, very well, how to compose a set to make the apple figure look stunning. However, celebrity outfits can be an interesting inspiration for you.

The apple figure – styling

You already know that the only one of the popular female figure types is the apple figure. How do you dress with such shapes? Putting together a stylish and feminine outfit for an apple figure can be a fascinating, creative process with great results  – provided, of course, that you understand what steps to take to highlight the assets of such a figure and to hide minor imperfections. At this stage, it is worth pointing out that no one is perfect, and the imperfections mentioned are inherent in everyone’s life. It is important to bear this in mind as it makes it much easier to accept and then love yourself. Choosing the right clothes can help balance the proportions of the body and slim the figure.
One of the key styling points for the apple figure is to highlight parts of the body other than the stomach and create the illusion of a slimmer waist. Wondering how to make it work? You have to opt for clothes with the right cut and material. Some great examples are flared dresses that highlight the bust and slightly hide the stomach, but also A-line skirts that significantly smooth out the hip line.

The apple figure – how do you dress for work?

How do you choose clothes for work for an apple figure? When you choose an outfit for work, it is important that your styling is both professional and flattering to your figure. It is worth opting for classics and elegance but, at the same time, remembering to find the right fit for your figure. If you want to look stylish and competent but feel comfortable at the same time, you can opt for a looser cut suit or the aforementioned A-line skirt.
Oversize blouses or shirts are also a good idea, which will gently hide any imperfections in the stomach area while adding lightness to the whole look. A feminine and elegant dress cut below the bust is also a very good choice. Of course, a must-have accessory is tights, which can be a great addition to such a combination. We have a huge range of women’s tights for every occasion. You can opt for classic black tights or go for bold, yet feminine,
floral patterned tights.

The apple figure – everyday styling

Everyday styling for the apple figure can be both comfortable and stylish as long as you apply a few simple tricks. It is important to choose clothes that highlight the assets of your figure while ensuring that they are comfortable to wear throughout the day. When it comes to trousers, you can opt for straight or bootcut styles, which widen slightly at the bottom to balance the proportions of the body and slim the figure.
However, when it comes to the upper part, it is advisable to choose blouses and jumpers that do not tighten in the stomach area. V-neck jumpers and envelope blouses, but also shirts, looser jackets and long cardigans, will be a hit. Such pieces of clothing mask slightly wider hips and optically slim the entire figure. If you do not have any of these clothes in your wardrobe, it’s time to go on a little shopping spree!

Apple figure styling for a date

Looking for a unique outfit for a romantic date with your loved one? On a day like this, you’ll want to feel beautiful and look feminine. Styling for a date should be sensual and elegant, but – at the same time – it has to be comfortable and it has to fit your unique style. The best choice, if you have an apple figure, may be a long, spectacular dress that falls below the bust, while the bottom is light and airy. And don’t forget about the accessories – sensual tights, heeled shoes, a small handbag and delicate jewellery are a must-have!

What colours and patterns are most recommended for an apple-type figure?

Choosing the right colours and patterns is very important for styling for an apple figure. Certain colours and patterns can optically slim the figure and improve body proportions, while others can have the opposite effect and make the hip and stomach area appear bigger. When it comes to colours, fairly dark colours – such as navy blue, black, dark brown or bottle green – work best, as they optically slim the figure.
Bright shades, on the other hand, should be avoided – especially around the hips and stomach, which will additionally highlight these areas. When it comes to patterns, it is advisable to choose those that will not be too dominant, but will subtly balance the proportions of the body. Delicate vertical stripes, for example, can optically lengthen the figure, while small floral patterns add romantic charm.

The apple figure – what should be avoided?

It’s time to move on to a rather important issue in the context of styling for the apple figure – what should you absolutely avoid when creating everyday styling? The key is not to highlight additional areas such as the hips and stomach, but to choose clothes that optically slim the figure and make the waistline at least a little visible.
Firstly, avoid clothes that are too tight around the stomach area. Instead, opt for looser but well-fitted clothes that gently conceal any imperfections. Secondly, avoid clothes with horizontal stripes on the stomach area too, as these can make it appear wider. Don’t opt for large geometric patterns either. Huge oversized clothes that overwhelm the entire figure will also be unsuitable. Tapered trousers, which will only further disrupt the proportions of the figure, are also a bad idea.

Why is fashion a good way to express yourself?

Want to know why fashion is a great way to express your personality and highlight your confidence, as well as your natural charm? Well, interesting styling allows us to emphasise our individuality. By choosing specific garments, but also patterns colours and accessories, you create a unique story about what is in your soul. Clothes are a reflection of your unique personality and creativity, an expression of your passion and – sometimes – even your views and values. You can play and experiment, combining the latest trends with the classics, and the classic with the modern. The choice is entirely yours – so, go for what makes you feel beautiful, feminine and confident.

The apple figure, despite some challenges, holds extraordinary beauty and great potential. It is through the right styling, attention to the proportions and experimentation with a variety of trends that every woman can accentuate her assets and feel comfortable in her body. Remember that true elegance and style is not only expressed through the clothes you wear, but also through the confidence and joy of life you radiate on a daily basis. You already know how to create phenomenal styling for the apple figure. It’s about time to refresh your wardrobe a bit and start playing with fashion. Create fashionable outfits that highlight your assets and make the whole world yours!