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    An astrological look at legs

    An astrological look at legs

    Many people have been fascinated by astrology for a long time. As early as 500 BC, the Babylonians divided the ecliptic into 12 equal parts, and the signs of the zodiac were named after the constellations. Today, some believe these signs allow us to get to know a person's character, their nature, flaws and greatest strengths. The birth horoscope, which is based precisely on a particular zodiac sign, is also hugely popular. The stars remain symbolic and the arrangement of the planets still holds great mystery. Perhaps that is why we bring this mystical world to our reality?

    Dressing styles and zodiac signs

    Some designers and stylists believe that certain outfits and looks will be ideal for you, depending on which zodiac sign you have been assigned according to your birthday. It turns out birthdays can have a huge impact on fashion. Whether we believe so or not, everyday styles of dress vary and are influenced by one’s personality. According to astrology people born under the sign of Scorpio love black clothes; their outfits are conservative, somewhat mysterious, but can also have a touch of sex appeal. It is said that Scorpios are secretive, distrustful, introverted people and they express these traits through their clothing.

    Astrological signs of the zodiac on your legs

    Gemini, on the other hand, are portrayed as dressing very differently. They are open-minded and love crazy, outstanding styles. Their outfits are always overflowing with embellishments, if only in small accessories like patterned tights, which nevertheless distinguish these classic wardrobe pieces. Interestingly, Fiore offers ZODIAC tights with an original constellation pattern. For women who are fans of astrology, this is the perfect choice for an autumn outfit. Astrology says that those with the star signs of Aquarius and Leo have exactly the same styles of dress. People with these zodiac signs love to stand out from the crowd. Their opposite are Taurus and Capricorn. Their everyday outfits are rather classic. Those whose zodiac sign is Aries are believed to value comfort and timelessness. Their wardrobes are full of sports tracksuits and flat-heeled shoes, although they choose daring combinations for special occasions. The above-mentioned ZODIAC tights would also be loved by women ruled by the sign of Aries. ZODIAC tights are not only decorative but also durable and extremely comfortable.

    Astrological patterns for everyday looks

    Most of us believe that gemstones have miraculous powers, exactly like amulets or talismans. They are fondly worn around the neck while the zodiac sign symbols often decorate stylish bracelets. Such accessories can easily be added to everyday outfits. Some believe the health-promoting properties of such stones or the symbolism of the signs of the zodiac offer us protection. They believe that such accessories actually watch over us, protect us from the evil of this world and have a beneficial effect on our health.

    Zodiac signs and accessories - how to stand out?

    Astrological accessories are not only perfect for Halloween. They are slightly dark and mysterious, are very distinctive and they go beautifully with boho and retro looks, adding style and uniqueness to basic outfits. What accessories to choose? Any necklaces, rings, bracelets or bags with an astrological touch. Daring women can opt for ZODIAC tights, which will also emphasise their femininity, i. e. their legs. Accessories that relate to astrology can actually be chosen regardless of your dressing style. However, it is always good to choose those that reflect your soul, character traits and placement in the universe. Such accessories will work not only for horoscope lovers and everyone fascinated by the celestial bodies. Astrological accessories are also part of the current fashion canons.