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    Love Affair SS '20

    Love Affair SS '20

    Can a romance be completely thought out, planned and become every sweet promise it was meant to be? When it comes to our newest collection Love Affair SS ’20 – that is precisely what happened. Inspired by the latest trends, as well as the unforgettable film ‘9 ½ Weeks’, we created a collection, which is both in-keeping with what’s on top and which brings back 1980’s styles.

    ‘You have to be a little unreal to be in this business,’ said Kim Basinger soon after the premiere of ‘9 ½ Weeks’. We agree with her 100%. We love oversize coats, heavy sweaters with a thick weave and women with a man’s white button-down carelessly thrown on. Add messy hair and slightly ‘tired’ make-up for a straight out of the bedroom look. We carefully crafted an array of models, which will perfectly complement this look. Tights become the essence of femininity, style and sex appeal – a bedroom accessory made of strictly feminine matter. The layer closest to the body.

    In the first, Valentine’s Day edition, we present patterns which were hot back in the 1980’s – hearts and lips. Both in blood red, like in the Blind Date and Kiss Me models, as well as in a more delicate, subtle black, as in Tangled and Love Potion.

    We follow the heroes of the film as they wander through in New York in ecstasy. When it comes to style, especially Liz’s, one sees chill and nonchalance. It comes as no surprise that she runs an art gallery, and that she meets the man who will soon take over her life at a flea market, while admiring a precious scarf.

    Her classic hats and suit would look amazing with the plain polka dots on Kim or the more flashy dots on Neon Sprinkle – which would catch any city girl’s eye. Tattoos just above the ankle look perfect paired with thick woollen culottes. The crane motif or the silvery disco models made with metallic yarns, like on Firefly and Volo, really pull the look together. Add a wide, leather belt with a big buckle to highlight the waist, and Serpente snakeskin pattern tights or the classic houndstooth model Impressa.

    We also recommend adding socks, straight from the crazy 1980’s – bringing back the flavours, colours and lights of the era. You’ll find the picante spices of Chinatown on Spicy. The blurred lights of passing cars on Catch Me. Find the colour Klein Blue straight from a modern art gallery on our checkered Klein socks. And the must-have of every interior – blinds – on our Blinds knee socks.

    The character of Elizabeth had a real-life predecessor, a woman of flesh and blood. It is that name, Elizabeth, that she chose as pseudonym when sharing her story in the form of a book. A film was then created on the basis of the novel, in which the realness and the sheer strength of emotions are palpable. In this season’s collection, we also decided to be literal and focused on the feelings, associations and references that guided us. We are faithful both to detail and the overall atmosphere of this story. Make yourself comfortable in it and join us for the premiere of our newest collection!