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    Pantyhose:  a sizing manual.

    Pantyhose: a sizing manual.

    How do I select a proper size of pantyhose?


    Do you ask yourself that question often or does the proper sizing of pantyhose no longer hold any mystery for you? Either way, it’s probably worth checking what you think you know so that your pantyhose will always provide you with the greatest comfort and pleasure.


    No doubt many of you choose one of the standard sizes from XS (extra small) to XL (extra large) without any hesitation. But the situation can get a bit more complicated if any one of your measurements — the width of your hips, the width of your waist, your height or your weight — doesn’t fit neatly into the strictly defined categories of the standard sizing chart for women’s pantyhose. The fact is that the standard chart only provides a schematic system of theoretical sizes, but in reality we women aren’t so easily categorized.


    Size matters.


    What questions come up most often about fitting pantyhose? Here are a few typical inquiries that have come to us.


    — I’m 180 cm tall, but I only weigh 65 kilos. I have slim thighs and wear a size 41 shoe. Should I take a size 5 according to my height or maybe a size 3 according to my weight?


    Let’s give you an answer right away. Neither of those sizes will do the trick for you. With the height of a model and a fairly slim figure, the most appropriate choice for you would be to split the difference and go with a size 4. A size 3 would probably do up to a point in that you could try a pair on without any problem, but you’d soon be likely to find them uncomfortable, with irritating problems such as a low-hanging crotch or unnaturally stretched-out design elements in the case of decorated hose.  On the other hand, when dealing with hose from size 5 and up — the so-called “plus sizes” — they don’t actually have longer leggings, but they do have extra folds in the panties that give the pantyhose a better fit on more fully-figured and curvier female bodies. The size of the foot doesn’t usually have any significant impact on size selection: pantyhose material is sufficiently elastic to cover those few extra centimeters of the toes in an otherwise well-fitted pair of pantyhose.


    — How do I choose a pantyhose size if I’m barely 1.5 meters tall with my hat on, but I weigh a solid 73 kilos and have generous thighs?  The sizing tables give me contradictory information with a differential of as much as two full sizes:  from XS to M!


    Let’s begin with another explanation:  the numerical size definitions for pantyhose and stockings have equivalent designations indicated by letters that are widely used in the industry. So size 1 is XS (extra small), size 2 is a standard S (small), 3 is M (medium), 4 is L (large), 5 is XL (extra large) etc.  Our advice in your situation:  For your greatest comfort and freedom of movement, take a deep breath and make the leap of two full sizes, all the way to 5 (XL). Are you worried that then your pantyhose will be too long and you’ll have unaesthetic baggy areas of bunched-up fabric?  No need to worry. First of all, the width of your thighs will work to your advantage:  the fabric will be tugged along the full extent of your legs. If the hose fit your width, they will lose a bit of their length. Secondly, thanks to our use of excellent quality braided threads, such as the Lycra Energize fabric with graded support that we use in our Comfort and Comfort Firm pantyhose, this problem is addressed and resolved right from the outset.


        I’m 1.67 metres tall. According to the chart, that would make me a medium. However, I weigh 53 kilos, which would make me an extra small. What size pantyhose would be right and most comfortable for me?


    In this case, we wouldn’t recommend hose in size XS, nor would we even suggest an S; instead, the best choice in your situation would be the size appropriate for your height and also the most popular size, i.e. size M (medium). The comfort of wearing hose and their most attractive appearance on your legs are always our priorities at Fiore. The fact is that size XS is relatively rarely a good choice, though there are of course some very petite women. Statistically, the on-target choice for most women is a 2 (S), but keep in mind that pantyhose in that size have a particularly small panty section because they don’t have a cotton panel sewn into the crotch. If you prefer that style and you’re hesitating whether to choose a 2 or a 3, you can comfortably choose the former. But the size 3 will be literally a bit longer and will have the cotton panel in the crotch which breathes, a feature some women consider advantageous.


    Types of pantyhose vs. sizes!

    Research indicated that women faced with a choice of two adjacent sizes, either of which might fit them, generally opt for the smaller size.


    Here are five types of pantyhose for which you’d be ill-advised to choose the smaller size:

    1. Hose with designs – here the key question is to be sure that the pattern is not distorted by being stretched. This is especially true if the motif represents a distinct image, symbol, word or shape (e.g. a bird), so if you’re unsure which way to go, opt for the larger size and avoid distortion of the design; 
    1. Shaping or maternity hose - In these cases, the proper choice of size is critical and the hose themselves play a number of supportive roles.  You can count on these types of hose to do their job and there’s no need to enhance the effect by choosing the smaller of two possibly acceptable sizes. Bridget Jones realized this when she tried to force herself into slimming lingerie – remember that classic scene in the film? In our special line of hose — Body Care — they’re loose where they should be, yet they provide specialized support where necessary. It goes without saying that that’s especially important for future moms; 
    1. Wedding hose – A long dress, cascading layers of chiffon and, just below, your pantyhose slipping down your legs…. Doesn’t this sound like a panic situation? To guarantee that constantly yanking up your pantyhose doesn’t turn into every bride’s greatest nightmare and to make sure that your figure stays where it belongs, we recommend that you choose a loose and comfortable size. The elasticity of the material will keep your hose aligned with your body and nothing will slip out of place. The situation is somewhat different in the case of self-supporting stockings – In this specific instance, it’s exceptionally appropriate to choose the smaller of the two possible sizes (automatically slimmer at the thigh), so that the silicon band under the lace will be sure to maintain its grip on your thigh; 
    1. Dance hose – Thanks to our 3D technology, they have an amazing ability to cling to your legs! We’re sure you agree that nothing’s more important in the dance studio than comfort and you can’t have anything even slightly interfering with your freedom of movement. So if you find yourself caught between two sizes of dancewear, go for maximum comfort and choose the larger of the sizes; 
    1. Pantyhose for daily wear – This raises no doubts:  May each of your days be free of stress — you deserve it!


    Consistent size standards — Guaranteed.

    Each pair of Fiore legwear undergoes a rigorous quality control process: It is stretched along its length and width on a special piece of equipment we use to make sure that all measurements strictly meet accepted standards. We give you thoroughly pre-tested products and we vouch for the consistent sizing of each series and of every new model we produce even if different pairs might appear at first glance to be slightly different from one another. This impression can result from differences of weave or of knitting technology, but, once you try them on, you’ll see for sure that it’s the right size, your size.


    Legwear — Enjoy it!

    We come in all shapes and colours – just like flowers! We have various figures and complexions, but also different needs and preferences.  Choose yourself a size in which you’ll not only look your very best, but also in which you’ll feel like you’re in your second skin. Counting on our reliable quality and with the modest assistance of this manual, we know you’ll be able to achieve both those goals — which are invaluable.