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    Best tights to wear in winter

    Best tights to wear in winter

    How do you make the right choice?

    In winter, when the temperature drops, make sure that your everyday outfits are not only glamorous, but also warm and comfortable. A warm jacket, trousers and jumpers are essentials for winter, but there is something else. Often overlooked, tights are actually an absolute must-have. They not only complete our outfits, but also protect us from the cold. Choosing the right tights for winter can be crucial to your comfort in the colder months. Where can you find warm women’s tights? What should you consider when choosing tights for winter? Discover the answers to the most important questions!

    Tights for winter – what materials provide thermal insulation?

    Wondering which tights for winter will offer you the best thermal comfort? It goes without saying that woollen tights for are second to none in winter. Wool has excellent thermal insulation properties. Tights with a blend of silk and cashmere will also be an excellent choice. Another popular option is cotton tights, soft to the touch and body-friendly. You still need to keep in mind choosing the right thickness. On top of this, these natural materials are breathable, soft and comfortable to wear. Obviously, the composition will also include, for example, lycra, to ensure flexibility and a perfect fit.

    Warm tights for winter – types of thickness of tights

    You will find a wide range of winter tights of different thicknesses on the market to suit individual needs, outfits and weather. Tights can vary in weight, which determines their warmth. Thinner tights with a lighter weight are suitable for slightly warmer days. In winter, by contrast, when it is cold and unpleasant outside, thicker tights are better, as they retain heat more effectively, insulating the body against low temperatures.

    The abbreviation DEN stands for the density of fibres in tights. It is this density that heavily determines whether a particular model will provide good protection against the cold. Tights can be classified into:

    - ultra-sheer – 5–12 DEN tights,

    - transparent – 15–20 DEN tights,

    - semi-opaque – 30–40 DEN tights,

    - opaque – 50–70 DEN tights,

    - thick – above 80 DEN tights.

    Naturally, when choosing the right model, you should pay attention not only to the quality and thickness, but also to the design, which should be unique. Do not hesitate to check out  what designs are worth having!

    Thick tights for winter – how can you make your tights last?

    While providing excellent protection against the cold, thicker winter tights require special treatment to maintain their properties for as long as possible. First of all, follow a few basic rules when washing your tights. Gentle hand washing or machine washing is recommended, but remember to use programmes designed for delicate fabrics. Definitely avoid high temperatures and intense spinning. It is a great idea to use special bags for washing tights in the washing machine.

    Tights for winter – the best models

    Want to know which warm tights for winter will work best? Which models will make your outfits both glamorous and comfortable? We have prepared some interesting models for you. Opaque tights for all occasions or original patterned tights perfect for dresses? No need to sacrifice great style for comfort. Fiore meets the expectations of its female customers with resistant, durable, elastic, warm and, most importantly, beautiful winter tights!

    If you are searching for thick tights that will be perfect for colder days, we have something special for you –Olga tights from Fiore are bound to suit your taste. This 100 DEN model is available in many different colours. Plain, opaque and, most importantly, comfortable, the tights will meet your expectations, making it possible to create a feminine, sexy and glamorous look whatever the weather.

    Also, don’t miss out on the slightly thinner but also warm80 DEN Ouvert tights. A perfect choice for bold, seductive women who enjoy emphasising their sex appeal.

    Another option is 60 DENMoonrise tights. The regular dot pattern will surely add a glamorous finishing touch to your outfit. Also, the well-designed, durable and comfortable openwork structure will ensure long-lasting use.

    Choosing the best model of tights for winter ultimately depends on your individual preferences, needs and expectations of comfort and functionality. Go for the version you feel best in!

    Tights for winter can not only complement your outfit, but also significantly improve your comfort in the colder months. When choosing the right type of tights, pay attention not only to their aesthetic design, but also, and even more importantly, to their functionality and ability to keep you warm. With the beautiful models of Fiore tights, you will look fashionable while enjoying thermal comfort, even when the temperature outside drops below zero. Choose proven products loved by women all over the world. It’s high time to become one of them!