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    Storia Campaign

    Storia Campaign

    Storia (Italian: story) is a line of delicate, sensual tights and stockings created for women who want something extra special for all those occasions which require simply the best. An evening rendezvous, dinner with your best friends, an outing to the theater, your glamorous wedding day – these are the moments in which you wish to dazzle, intrigue and be your very best.

    The designers behind the Storia line set out to emphasize the unique features of female beauty, character, and sensitivity. This has resulted in captivating, sensual designs, which bring to mind Italian chic and vintage elegance. With great attention to detail, and a return to dots and timeless seams, which for decades made women’s legs appear longer and sleeker, Storia embodies a longing for old-world sex appeal and sophistication.

    Photo: Monika Jelińska

    Model: Justyna / MORE

    Styling: Dag Mościcka

    MUA: Grzegorz Szustak

    Set design: Zuza Słomińska