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    Femmes. Backstage.

    Femmes. Backstage.

    The latest spring Fiore campaign FEMMES was inspired by the lifestyles of dynamic women - three heroines, the most characteristic influencers on Polish Instagram. Photographer Ola Golczynska made the backstage during Fiore SS 2018 photoshoot capturing last-minute fittings, an impressive array of sensual tights, girly socks and… flowers. Click down for a look through her lens.

    Heroines: Kasia Gorol / Jestem Kasia, Anna Grunwald / Panianini, Ana Rudak

    Photos: Martyna Galla-Milewska / Van Dorsen Artists

    Art direction: Kaja Dobrzańska / POP UP GRUPA

    Film: Magda Gołdanowska & Adam Tarasiuk / Out Of Office

    Styling: Jagoda Gierałtowska

    Make-up: Gosia Sulima

    Hair: Gor Duryan

    Production: The ICON Agency

    Backstage: Ola Golczyńska