CAPRICE 20 den 20 DEN - Tights

CAPRICE 20 den

20 DEN G6091


These tights are a touch of elegance and sensuality during the colder days. The timeless beauty of fishnet tights lies in their versatility. You can effortlessly complement a wide range of outfits with this model, enhancing both casual and formal outfits. For example, pair the tights with an elegant dress in darker colours to exude classic charm, or wear them with a plain skirt and your favourite shoes for a trendy everyday look. Tights with a cabaret pattern are a great, eye-catching accessory that never fails to impress!

The tights with the timeless, geometric fishnet pattern and a thickness of 30 denier are perfect for any weather. Made from a blend of the highest quality yarn, they are comfortable, warm and durable. The waist band was designed to provide comfort, but also ensure that the tights stay in place throughout the whole day.

98% Poliamid 2% Elastan