Footies 02

Cotton socks 

Footies 02

20 DEN C1003


These short socks can transform your daily routine, ensuring your feet stay fresh, clean and safe. Be assured that your feet remain well cared for and enjoy unmatched comfort.

What truly makes these socks special is the use of AG+ antibacterial technology. This is a most advanced method of inhibiting the multiplication of bacteria, based on the power of silver ions. This technology helps maintain freshness for the feet, even during prolonged periods of wear.

The socks have anti-slip silicone elements in Fiore's signature flower shape, strategically placed on the sole. No matter whether you are walking on a wooden floor, tiles or even smooth marble, these socks will give you solid support, stability and a sense of security.

Available in a universal size range, from 35 to 39 and 38 to 42, in order to ensure a perfect fit. The elasticated band gently fits under the ankle, preventing the socks from slipping or rolling off throughout the day.

The socks have been designed to discreetly disappear into your shoes, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of socks without compromising on style. Step up into a new level of comfort and confidence.

Podbicie: 88% nylon, 12% elastan
Stopka: 95% bawełna, 5% elastan