MAMA ROCK 50 den 50 DEN - Tights

MAMA ROCK 50 den

50 DEN W5005


A new version of premium maternity tights with an emblem reminiscent of a child's room – this time it is a blue rocking horse on tights in a thicker version, 50 den. These tights will work both at the beginning and in advanced pregnancy, because they ‘grow’ with the tummy thanks to the use of modern and superelastic yarn. This model adapts to any size and shape of the pregnancy belly.

Comfortable waistband made in 3D technology keeps the tights in place without the slightest pressure, all for your full comfort. These high-quality, soft tights also have an additional message - a hidden detail, an emblem with a blue rocking horse, which means that we associate positive emotions with this garment. Mama Rocks tights can also become a great gift for a mother-to-be. At the same time, we are giving you an advanced product – specialized tights dedicated to pregnant women for their maximum comfort and safety.This model, like all tights from this line, provides a unique feeling of softness, freshness, comfortable belly support - it is a response to many needs of a woman at this special time. It guarantees gentle support for tired, swollen legs. Take good care of your well-being during pregnancy.

80% Poliamid, 18% Elastan, 2% Prolen