THE ROYAL 20 den 20 DEN - Tights

THE ROYAL 20 den

20 DEN G6090


Introducing enchanting tights inspired by the world of Wes Anderson’s film about a certain genius family. This model features a subtle pattern that weaves together chains of delicate black dots and small black hearts, creating a sense of connection and unity. These patterns symbolise the intertwining lives and relationships of the members of the family portrayed in the film. Each dot and each heart represents a brief moment, a memory, or a heartfelt confession.

Pair the tights with a pleated skirt and vintage-inspired blouse to highlight the unforced elegance of Margot Tenenbaum’s style. You can also wear them with a fitted jacket and trousers to give a nod to the sophisticated yet intriguing aesthetic of the film. Wear them with pride, knowing that your legs are adorned with a touch of brilliant movie magic.

82% Poliamid 10% Elastan 8% Prolen