Self Love - Collection

Our newest collection ”Self-Love” is an expression of a woman’s internal fortitude, which leads to a love of self. We underscore this by dressing up your legs with words and slogans that we like, with delicate details and sensual motifs woven into our seams and our fishnet tights.

Bisou (“kiss”) – this term expresses feminine whimsy and also an openness to the world and to people. This openness generates curiosity and feeds a hunger for new places and experiences. To say that such travel can be the best possible investment in oneself would be a cliché…. We spontaneously express this with a kiss!

model: CLAUDIA

model: CLAUDIA

Polka dots never go out of style! Be like the legendary Mitzah Bricard and wear them… always and everywhere.

model: Doria

Every woman has many faces and, with time, she gets to know the full range of her abilities. Furthermore, as we always say, la donna è mobile!

model: Anello

model: Belle Ame

Intricate styles are at your feet!