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    Houndstooth—How Do You Wear It?

    Houndstooth—How Do You Wear It?

    Houndstooth is a timeless pattern, which stands for elegance. The pattern inspired by Coco Chanel (known as “broken checks”) is a favourite of Michael Kors. How should you wear houndstooth on a daily basis and for special occasions? Check it out, give yourself more self-confidence and feel fashionable!

    What is houndstooth? Get to know its history!

    Houndstooth is undoubtedly one of the best known and most popular patterns. The so-called broken checks have been worn since as early as the 3rd century AD, when people in Scandinavia started to weave fabric into a print that was the prototype of houndstooth.

    However, it was Coco Chanel who made houndstooth clothes a must-have. Since the 1920s, this distinctive accent in women’s wardrobe has been a perfect choice for women who want to go chic and become Paris-like snappy dressers (no matter where they live).

    While the classic houndstooth is black and white, it has been appearing more and more frequently in the collections of well-known brands in a wide variety of colours. For example, Michael Kors’ autumn collection in 2013 featured a blue houndstooth and this year’s Versace autumn/winter collection combines red and orange.

    Moreover, the broken checks can be also found in a variety of sizes, from very small puppytooth to XXL prints. Skirts, dresses and jumpers with this motif are currently experiencing a real boom. What should you know about this extremely fashionable pattern?

    Various names for the broken checks

    Not only does the pattern come in various colours and sizes, but it also has… many names. The pattern is known not only as broken checks, but also as “dog-tooth”, “houndstooth”, “hound’s tooth check”, or “hound’s tooth”. As you can see, this popular pattern has been given many names.

    Who looks good in houndstooth?

    You already know that the pattern is this season’s must-have. But who should wear it to look elegant and flawless? Well, women’s fashion is ruthless when it comes to patterns—the motifs on your clothes and accessories should always be suited to your figure.

    Petite and short women should go for a fine houndstooth. If you like experimenting, feel free to combine this pattern with other prints to get a WOW effect. If you’re slim but tall enough not to be overwhelmed by strong prints, you can also choose an XXL houndstooth.

    If you’re plus size, don’t wear too much of this print in one outfit as it will make you look more plump. Choose one piece of clothing in broken checks and combine it with plain clothes. An example? A Coco Chanel houndstooth jacket and a little black dress. Choosing a larger swathe of cloth in this fashionable check? Better go for a larger version of the pattern to keep the right proportions.

    Houndstooth pattern—outfit ideas

    A scarf, a dress, or maybe trousers in houndstooth? This season is the best time to fall in love with the pattern that comes second to none in women’s fashion. Houndstooth—how do you wear it with style? You can find some ideas worth testing out below.

    The iconic houndstooth coat

    Houndstooth is mainly associated with the autumn-winter season because it is used on warm, woollen fabrics. If you want to look chic, choose a coat to wear with jeans and a jumper for an everyday outfit or with a women’s suit or a black dress in elegant outfits. Houndstooth doesn’t necessarily have to be black and white—the pink and red version championed this year by Versace would be an equally good idea. The trend for the 2022/2023 season? An XXL houndstooth coat, be it a box coat, oversize coat, or a belted coat. It will make a real impression, also in a bolder colour version. A cornflower blue houndstooth on a winter coat will make a gloomy autumn-winter atmosphere a bit brighter.

    A houndstooth suit—not just for work

    Autumn-winter 2022/2023 sees a comeback of women’s suits. Houndstooth is a pattern that will perfectly fit this trend. How do you wear a checked jacket and skirt? Match them with a plain turtleneck, basic top or classic white shirt. The final touch will be elastic boots or Mary Jane platform shoes with tights. Perfect both for work and on a date, it’ll always make you look smart. You can also wear a houndstooth jacket and skirt in a rock style, for example with a black jumper, fishnets and patent leather Dr. Martens or a pair of classic sneakers.

    A houndstooth jacket—pair it with bold colours

    Want to look fashionable at work this autumn? This trio will be a safe bet: a houndstooth box jacket, bell-bottoms and a plain top always go perfectly together. No matter whether you’re in your twenties or fifties, you’ll look like a true fashion icon. Or you can wear the very opposite: an XXL checked jacket with black slim-fit trousers. Add to that this season’s must-have: the Chanel-inspired quilted chain fanny pack. Perfect… just perfect! If you’re into fashion experiments, try playing with the checked motif in two versions in one look. How about a plain knit dress, a houndstooth jacket and tights in the same pattern, but in an enlarged version? This is an interesting option for bold women or… Gen Z.

    A houndstooth dress—go for bold jewellery

    A great way to get to know the broken checks trend is to choose a dress with this motif, preferably in a retro style. A trapeze mini-dress with a built-in top or even a turtleneck will make you look like a 60s film star. Make sure to match it with opaque dark tights, stiletto heeled boots and, to top it all off, jewellery that can be seen from a distance, such as a heavy neck chain or gold earrings. A houndstooth dress will also be a good choice for the evening if you pair it with bold jewellery and heeled shoes.

    Houndstooth tights and a black turtleneck—your everyday French chic

    How can you make this season’s must have among prints a part of your everyday outfits? You can do it with small items of clothing, such as tights. An interesting idea for this season comes from the Fiore brand, which has designed tights with a print that represents a loose interpretation of the houndstooth print. Make sure to combine such accessories with a black turtleneck and a plain woollen miniskirt. Add a scarf (also in houndstooth print) and… voilà. You look just like a real Parisian. Need more fashion fever? A duo of patterned tights and a houndstooth skirt will be just right for you if you wear something more subdued on top.