For cold weather

  • Sincère Sincère
    60 DEN

    This winter, Alpine patterns and Scandinavian designs are making a comeback. Thick wool sweaters, warm skirts and down jackets will look amazing with these tights. If you’re not the one to shy away from stark contrasts, mix things up with something light and airy – a lingerie shirt or pastel colors. --- Patterned, opaque, t-band tights with satin gloss....

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  • Arrivederci Arrivederci
    60 DEN

    Mélange tights with a winter braid-like weave. This season, we’ll be serving up this classic motif in a geometric pattern. They will look amazing with trendy clunky wool sweaters with wide, puffy sleeves or extra fringes. --- Patterned, opaque tights with a matte finish, sheer to waist, with a comfortable ribbing. Extra reinforced toe portion. Cotton...

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  • Olga
    100 DEN

    Opaque and comfortable tights. Increased thickness perfect for colder days giving you a chance to expose your beautiful legs all year round. An absolute wardrobe essential in every woman’s wardrobe. Wide range of colours will allow you to efficiently complete all your stylizations by giving them a unique look.

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  • Roza
    60 DEN

    Top quality, matte, winter weight opaques made from microfibre and elastane. Incredibly soft, warm and comfortable. Perfect for colder weather.

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  • Paula
    40 DEN

    Top quality, matte, semi-opaque tights made from microfibre and elastane. Incredibly soft and comfortable. Perfect for early spring and autumn.

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